Sennheiser IE900 - censorship, marketing and who does head-fi represent?

Below is a post I made that was deleted from an audiophile website called for breaching the website terms and conditions.


The post is as follows for yours and my enjoyment!


I responded to an official message in the official Sennheiser IE900 thread that seemed a bit officious to me.

The message was telling us head-fiers what we should post in the official Sennheiser IE900 thread (within the head-fi t+c's)

It was about posting music recommendations for the IE900.

The section that caught my eye said ....

"We are perfectly happy with the posts as long as they are in line with Head-Fi code. However each recommendation should be accompanied by context i.e. "What to look for" when played through the IE 900."

The full post is here:

I said that the post was too proscriptive/censorial/officious in my opinion for a public forum.

It was deleted for being "off-topic"

This act (the deletion) is, of course, the prerogative of the thread starter..

I think at least one other member (@xenithon) agreed with me but his post was deleted too.

So, what do I think about it?

I think head-fi is an awesome resource for consumers like me to compare our thoughts about products.

I think it is also an awesome resource for manufacturers to engage with us consumers and assist with their marketing and product sales.

This is a form of symbiosis I think.

But in any symbiotic relationship, there is a host (the consumer) and a symbiont (the manufacturer).

The host is more important because without the host the symbiont dies.

In my own little symbiotic relationship with Sennheiser I was interested in the IE900; it may be an awesome IEM.

But I'm no longer interested.

This host is only human....

What do you think?