So my test came back positive...

Yesterday I received confirmation that I have covid, so that's 10 days of isolation for me.. I'll be released on my wedding anniversary which is nice.

This is my third day of feeling unwell but I think I'm on the mend now.

I've had no trouble breathing, loss of smell nor any of the other weird symptoms reported for covid.

I do have a raised temperature, a moderate headache from time to time and general fatigue.

To me it's like a moderate flu.

One of my friends asks how it compares to a bad hangover.

It's not as bad as a bad hangover, but then a bad hangover doesn't last for 3 days or more.

On a related note it made me chuckle today that the Isle of Man has now reached Plague Island status.

How does this square with 1590 confirmed cases (as at May 2021?) I wonder.

Overall I'm very pleased to finally have it and be recovering from it.