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  • Survival of the flattest

    As you might imagine this rant is centred on covid-19.

    It's a pretty hard post as I don't want to come across as some right wing fascist bastard.

    Or as too simplistic - there are some huge … more

  • Brazil - December 2019

    Well I'm back from my trip to Brazil.. What a mind opener that was.

    In October, three Brazilians set a new paragliding world record of 582km there, so we knew that there was potential for personal … more

  • Politics.....

    This is just a quick entry for all my imaginary friends here (ie., me) of some observations and possible insights that have crystalised in my head mainly when I am out walking the dog.This process … more

  • Machine learning/neural networks update.

    I thought I'd update my blog with where I'm at regarding my machine learning and neural networks project.

    A close academic friend of mine, "CAF", has got me excited about machine learning and neural … more

  • New World Economics

    I haven't had a rant for a while about the parlous state of the world economy or central banking monetary policy and quantitative easing ("QE") etc., etc.,

    This is because of a thought I keep having … more

  • Grasping linux by the horns.

    I've wanted to run a full node on the iota tangle for about 20 months now but have been put off by the hurdles (I completely failed the KYC of one german ISP obviously being a dodgy IOM customer) and … more

  • A funeral today.

    A good friend died recently. I'm going to send him off shortly.

    He lived knowing that tomorrow is full of possibilities and yesterday is spent.

    Still, as pointed out to me, ten more years would … more

  • So I missed my 2018 Indian paragliding adventure .....

    Catch up  ....

    I missed my planned October 2018 vol-biv trip in India due to breaking my collar bone the weekend before I was due to travel by falling off a new mountain bike....... doh!

    What an … more