5m unvaccinated? My arse! It's actually 20m!!!

5m is the figure bandied about on the TV and in the newspapers for the number of people in the UK who have NOT been VACCINATED (received at least one jab).

This is another example of YOU (and me) being LIED TO!

It's actually 20m!!

The latest details were published yesterday and are in the table below extracted from the government file published here - page 82.

Out of a total of 62,724,319 people (bottom of column 2 below), 42,611,175 (bottom of column 3 below) have received at least one jab.

42,611,175 / 62,724,319 = 0.679 or 67.9%

100% - 67.9% = 32.01%

Or put another way, 20,113,114 people unvaccinated.

SHOCK and HORROR - 20m dirty unvaxxed!!

That should be the headline.